Tchaikovsky’s 4th


We heard this symphony yesterday played by the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra in the Petronas concert hall at KLCC. It is such rousing music, at times delicate and playful as in the third movement when the strings are played pizzicato, and at others loud and turbulent with horn section and timpani in full voice. Both the opening and the finale are an assault on the senses and there is plenty of work for the cymbals player. It was such a pleasure to listen to music in that setting with a full orchestra, an enthusiastic conductor, and an audience who were there solely for that purpose (and they didn’t applaud between movements!) It was also a balm to one who lives in a society where there is “music” blaring in shops and parking lots and the constant barrage of noise from the nearby theme park. Our enjoyable day was enhanced by lunch at Harrod’s cafe and a nosy round the well-stocked Kinokuniya bookshop prior to the concert!

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