Watching a TV series in Malaysia

the good wife

I have never acquired a taste for reality TV and have not watched a single episode of American Idol or Master Chef. However, I did follow The Good Wife while living in New Zealand and when I saw that it was to be shown here, I decided to record it using our Astro box. The package we pay for provides hundreds of channels and a recording device. I find it all a little bewildering because there is no printed TV guide and their website only lists that day’s programmes. I saw the ad for The Good Wife by chance while Jim was watching some sport. The ad claimed the show was appearing on Malaysian TVs “the day after it was screened in the US”! Much more bewildering though was the order in which they screened the episodes here: episode 1 was not The Good Wife at all but some other show, all good with episode 2, then we skipped to episode 4 with episode 3 screening the following week, and so it went on. I never got to see episode 21 at all and it was with relief that I finally watched episode 22. If that is how the series was broadcast in the US I will eat my proverbial hat!

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