New teachers and disastrous lessons

beginning teachers

Michael Crowhurst (Ed). Beginning Teachers Reviewing Disastrous Lessons. Sense Publishers, 2015.

Word of mouth is a wonderful thing! It caused Dr Michael Crowhurst, who is a lecturer in the School of Education at RMIT University in Melbourne, to get in touch with me when he needed a proof reader. He and the student teachers he taught had routinely reviewed disastrous lessons and he thought that their insights would make a useful resource. The publishers agreed. Michael and a colleague had collected the reviews, read them critically and returned them to the authors to make the necessary changes. Michael had written the introductory and concluding chapters as well as the discussions that follow each section of reviews. He needed a fresh set of eyes to do the final proof reading and some formatting. Those eyes were mine. It is a useful resource because all teachers (not only those who are just beginning) have disastrous lessons. The authors reflect on why their lessons did not succeed, what they would do differently in the future and how the theory they had studied relates to the issues they faced in the classroom.

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