I am somewhat reluctant to post this photo because I want to encourage you to visit us in Ipoh but it is too good a story! On our recent trip to the Cameron Highlands with our visitor from Auckland, we went into the Sungai Palas Tea House. She noticed this tray on the counter while fetching our tea and scones and snapped this pic. Have you ever seen a tray of flies on display? Fortunately all the food we’d ordered came from inside the glass cabinets and none of us suffered any ill effects from our afternoon tea. We enjoyed the view from the tea house (see pic below) and finding out about the Boh tea company, which is still run by the Russel family who started it in 1929. There is also an interesting gift shop. Well worth a visit, the flies notwithstanding.

Sungai palas tea house

2 thoughts on “Flies

  1. Louise Milne says:

    Well – that is very enticing – the grandchildren would be highly amused. Am trolling through this morning Jane as am supervising a test with my two colleagues. Very entertaining read. Hope you are both well and continuing to enjoy life in Ipoh.

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