Our first visitor

Banjaran spa

We’ve had one of our Auckland friends visiting us this week and it’s been such fun. As I had anticipated, having a visitor was an inducement to go out in my car and see some of the Ipoh sights. In the words of Winnie-the-Pooh, “two is better than one”, particularly when it comes to driving through the frenetic traffic and trying to follow the GPS. We went to the old town, the Perak Tong and the Cameron Highlands, though Jim did that drive – just as well because half of Malaysia seemed to be up there with us and some of the driving practices require a strong nerve! We also went to the Banjaran Spa (see pic) for a treat and what a treat it was! Beautiful surroundings, lovely people and luxurious treatments as well as a look into the restaurant and wine cellar built into a labyrinthine limestone cave. I have had such a wonderful week and look forward to another visit soon.

2 thoughts on “Our first visitor

  1. Trish says:

    It has been such fun for said visitor as well.
    Had a wonderfully exciting yet relaxing week.
    A visit to Chateau Burnett in Ipoh is thoroughly recommended.
    Fantastic hospitality, tour guide, G&Ts make for a great RnR destination.
    Get your booking in now!

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