This is to document our transition from Ohaupo, New Zealand to Malaysia, where we lived in Ipoh for four years, back to Ohaupo. Life seems to have come full circle. We hope this is an efficient and interesting way to keep in touch with family and friends around the world. We also hope that some of what you see here will encourage you to visit – you will be very welcome!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Wendy Presland-Cox says:

    Hi Jane – I have finally re-found you on this Blog. For some time Google told me it did not exist – which I knew was untrue. Belated Happy Birthday. It sounds like a memorable one. Hope you are enjoying life over there. Antonia told me that Rachel is planning her 21st and you will be here which will be great. I think both daughters are due to visit in July which you will both be eagerly looking forward to. your travels are so interesting – takes me back a few years!! I went to a school in the Cameron Highlands for a little while – the cooler air was wonderful .

    • janeburnett says:

      So glad you found it Wendy! Looking forward to the girls visiting in July and being back in NZ in September. Hope to get down to Hamilton – maybe we can catch up then.

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