Chinese mosque


As we prepare to leave Ipoh for good and return home to New Zealand we’ve been trying to see things here that we’ve not yet got around to. One of these was a visit to the Chinese mosque or Masjid Muhammadiah. This beautiful building is unique in Malaysia – a mosque of 100 per cent Chinese design. The roof, which was imported from Longyan, is the most striking feature and is complemented by the pink and red of the walls and pillars. The mosque is surrounded by lovely gardens and plenty of shade. We’ve become accustomed to taking various scarves and sarongs around with us so we could cover up and enter the mosque precinct. There was a group of women and girls having a social function in the women’s part of the mosque and a group of men scrubbing the tiled ablution area to the side. They are clearly used to tourists and as long as you are suitably dressed, this is not a problem. It is definitely worth a visit.

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