Morning walk


Apart from the heat (about which I know I sound like a stuck record), taking a walk in Ipoh can be hazardous. I go out early most mornings when it is still dark in order to get a little bit of exercise while it is relatively cool. But there are no footpaths so I have to walk on the road. Because most motorists here drive at well over the speed limit this is a hazardous undertaking. Then there are the dogs, many of which are feral and roam around in packs. The other morning I was barked at ferociously by a guard dog that had come out of a property through a small gap in the fence. Many of the large houses around here have guard dogs enclosed in their yards and warning signs posted on their gates. I usually feel sorry for these animals, who are not pets and never get paid any attention. But I am accustomed to them barking at me from behind sturdy walls. Encountering this dog on the road was very frightening. Fortunately some golf club workers came along on a motorcycle just then and chased the dog away. It is far better if we go on a jungle walk (see pic above) but to do this, we have to get up really early and walk up hundreds of steps in the dark to reach the jungle before it gets too hot, so we don’t do it very often.

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