In praise of dishwashers


Housekeeping in Malaysia is very different from what normally happens in New Zealand. There are usually two kitchens in a Malaysian house – the wet kitchen, in which there is a sink, a cooker and a washing machine, and the dry kitchen, which has a smaller sink, storage cupboards and perhaps also the fridge. There is usually no dishwasher because most households have a maid, one of whose many tasks is to wash the dishes. It is also fairly unusual to find dishwashers in appliance stores. However, we found one, bought it and had it installed beside the washing machine in our wet kitchen by an extremely obliging plumber who spoke no English and, I suspect, has not installed many dishwashers. On using the dishwasher for the first time, the floor of our wet kitchen was flooded, which you might say is quite appropriate! So we’ll have to get the plumber back and ask our neighbour to interpret for us as we explain that the outlet pipe is not working properly. Nevertheless I love having a dishwasher!

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