This is a view of the sunset over the limestone hills that surround Ipoh. When the air is clear (or clearish!) as on the evening we took this photo, it is very attractive. However, there is usually some haze caused by the heat and also the pollution from the numerous factories around the city. In the last couple of weeks, the haze has been very bad because we haven’t had rain for many weeks. It is extremely hot and the dry conditions are conducive to fires, which add greatly to the haze. It all makes me long for rain in a way that I haven’t since living in New Zealand. I think it is fortunate that I lived previously in South Africa – otherwise this kind of experience might do me in! Our neighbours tell me that a drought like this is very unusual and they are also disconcerted by the brown grass, wilting plants and trees shedding their leaves. May it rain soon and return our tropical surroundings to their usual lush greenness.

One thought on “Haze

  1. Lyn Coetzee says:

    Hi Jane,  we are going in to our third week of rain. The most rain for this time of year in 14 years. We are definitely not able to handle it.  Love,Lyn

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