Driving in my car


I now have a little white Malaysian Myvi (see pic) in the carport. It means that theoretically I can go wherever I like around Ipoh and further afield. However, so far, I’ve only driven to the supermarket. Why so unadventurous? One reason is the traffic here – lots of it, particularly scooter riders, who come at you from all directions. For many families, scooters are their only means of transport, so you often see whole families on one scooter – Mum and Dad seated with the baby between them and the toddler standing up in front of Dad just behind the handle-bars. I am terrified of knocking into one of these and being responsible for injuring a child. I’ve decided that the best time for going out is the middle of the morning, when most people are already at work and schools have begun. The other reason for my reticence about driving is my lack of familiarity with the layout of Ipoh. That is getting better with time and I guess getting lost is one of the ways I will learn my way round. I promise that I will get better at this so that, by the time you come on a visit, I will be a competent and entertaining tour guide!

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