When I lived in New Zealand I was never really hot. I can confidently predict that I will never be really cold in Malaysia, unless I’m watching a movie at a cinema. More on that later. This photo is the view from upstairs in our house. It was taken early in the morning, which is the only time one can comfortably go for a walk. We usually head out at about 7am, which is when it starts to get light, and walk (in my case) and run (in Jim’s) round the pathways of Sunway City. It is lovely, with the sky turning pink as the sun rises, the birds waking and the river glowing green. Last weekend we went to see The Monuments Men at a local mall. The air conditioning must have been turned to maximum – it was freezing in the cinema. I had taken a cardigan but was frozen by the time the movie ended. I then noticed that some of the people around us were wearing jackets. I wondered why some of the stores stocked jackets – now I know! Don’t rush to see the film unless you are particularly keen to see George Clooney in a World War II army uniform. It was entertaining but I doubt it will win any awards.

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