We spent some time in Palmerston North last week. This is the first time I’ve explored this much maligned town and I was agreeably surprised. The town centre surrounds The Square, which has pleasant gardens and plenty of benches. There are interesting shops and cafes fragrant with coffee. There is a fantastic bookshop ( and I had a long, interesting conversation with the proprietors of Pork Chop Hill clothing ( about the origin of the name of their business. The art gallery and museum ( are well worth a visit. Best of all are the gardens and walking/cycling paths along the Manawatu River (see pic above). There is a paved path all the way along the river and it is well-used, judging by the number of cyclists I saw. There are also walking paths through the bush between the gardens of Victoria Esplanade and the river. These are a delight because of the dense foliage and the cacophony of birdsong. Go to Palmy – you may be as surprised as I was.

2 thoughts on “Palmy

  1. Trish Cheng says:

    Many moons ago, a much younger version of myself used to cycle through the Esplanade and over the river from the other side of Palmy town out to Massey

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