Tramping in KL


It is possible to go for a tramp in KL but first you have the find the track. Without local knowledge this can be difficult. We’d been told about the Bukit Saga Cheras trail and we looked up directions online. The GPS said we’d arrived but we couldn’t see the trail and there were no signs. After parking with great difficulty because of the high density of housing and vehicles in the area, we wandered around hoping to find the trail while the temperature rose as the sun began beating down. Eventually we got directions from a man out walking his dog and found the track. It was a fairly steep uphill climb but the steps were well maintained and there were ropes in strategic places. All our fellow trampers were friendly and some stopped to chat. When we got to the top, there were boards advertising the “Save Green Lungs” initiative, which is an attempt to prevent the green spaces in KL being swallowed up by development. This is a worthwhile endeavour and having thoroughly enjoyed our expedition, we wish them every success.

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