A load of rubbish


This is a common sight in suburban Ipoh – a load of rubbish on the corner dumped there by homeowners from the surrounding houses. There is a council rubbish collection three times a week but they don’t like keeping their rubbish in bins on their properties till the next collection. No matter that it will be scavenged through by the numerous stray animals that abound in all residential areas or that it may be scattered by wind. As long as their own properties are rubbish- free at all times, who cares about the surrounding area, even if it is very close by. The result is that the streets and verges of Ipoh are littered with plastic bags, boxes, cans, bottles, garden clippings and all sorts of larger items from cushions to mattresses to broken down washing machines. I find it depressing but it clearly doesn’t bother most locals, who continue this unhygienic practice despite then having to live with the unsightly consequences.

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