French market


La Cigale market in Parnell is pure delight. You can fill your basket with the freshest fruit and veges, cheese, olives, bunches of herbs, flowers, bagels and bread. Then you can head towards the cafe for a coffee and a pastry, if you are able to choose just one from the delectable display. We sat at one end of a heavy wooden table and opposite us were a delightful couple from Pennsylvania enjoying their first morning in Auckland. They marvelled at the quality of the food on offer and then told us they were at the wrong market – they had aimed for the Parnell Farmers’ Market. I’m sure they didn’t regret it though judging from the way they tucked into their pastries. Perhaps they made to the other market in time for morning tea!

2 thoughts on “French market

  1. Trish says:

    La cigale is a real treat indeed
    Thought they’re same as parnell farmers market … must check
    Sometimes there are fresh oysters
    The cheeses and pastries are always great as are pancakes and paella all made fresh … specialty meats etc
    and the tastings at the various stalls

    Also open for dinner sone nights

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