Car candy


I find driving in Ipoh challenging because of the general disregard for red lights, lane markings and right of way displayed by many motorists. Motorcyclists are completely cavalier regarding the rules of the road, probably because if you knock a rider off her/his bike, it’s always your fault, even if they’ve come through a red light straight at you! However, the way people decorate their cars provides some light relief. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of little Malaysian-made cars on the roads of Ipoh, many with their back ledges richly decorated with cushions, soft toys, fake flowers and religious paraphernalia. One of the favourites is a row of brightly coloured synthetic strawberry cushions, which you can buy from any number of stalls in the Cameron Highlands where actual strawberries are grown. Alternatively you can have a worm (as in the pic above) which takes up most of the ledge. I too drive a Myvi but its ledge is disappointingly free of decoration!

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