Street food


There are scores (probably hundreds) of stalls selling all kinds of food along Ipoh’s streets every day. We drive by and are intrigued by the variety of food on offer, from whole or peeled fruit, to baked goods, to hot dishes served on rice or noodles – always in the ubiquitous pink plastic bags that you then see strewn all over the place. We’ve never bought anything from a street stall because we have sensitive antipodean stomachs that cannot even cope with drinking water straight from the tap! Hygiene standards are patchy and there is no refrigeration in sight. There is a vibrant night food market that we have been to several times. You choose your food from any number of stalls and the stall holder brings it to you when it is ready. It is easy to pick us out of a crowd but I am not sure how they find locals among the hundreds of tables that fill the area. It is a pleasant experience, eating outdoors in the balmy evening among crowds of local people. However, we’ve not been back since our last street meal had us running for the bathroom the following morning!

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