Las Vegas in KL

sunway pyramid

Last week we stayed in KL for a couple of days and I caught the hotel shuttle to Sunway Pyramid (see pic). This is a “resort” in KL, which comprises a huge shopping centre, complete with ice rink, hotel and theme park. Sunway is the property development company that built and maintains the area we live in in Ipoh (Sunway City) and also the ghastly Lost World of Tambun theme park, which is the bane of our lives because of the noise it generates. So tasteful development is not Sunway’s strong suit but the pyramid and sphinx is where this lack of taste reaches it apogee! Nevertheless I had a good coffee, a delicious lunch and a successful quest for food items unavailable in Ipoh before going to wait under the sphinx for the shuttle back to our much more subdued hotel. I was entertained during my wait by a large number of people standing under the sphinx taking selfies!

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