Tropical fruit


Living in Malaysia we have access to a mouth-watering array of fruit. Papaya, mangoes, a huge variety of melon. My usual breakfast is a large bowl of fruit topped with natural yoghurt and muesli. Yum! We can also buy fruit imported from New Zealand and we do – apples, kiwifruit and, now appearing in the stores, large red juicy strawberries. However, we have not yet acquired the taste for durian, called the king of fruits here. The smell puts us off! When it is high durian season, you can smell it as you walk into the shopping centre, long before you even get to the supermarket. Most hotels have “No durians” signs outside their doors and often in a lift you will see a sign of a durian cancelled with a large red cross. Not sure if we’ll ever get past the smell of the durian to experience the taste.

4 thoughts on “Tropical fruit

  1. Trish says:

    mmm me neither, duran definitely an acquired taste
    really miss the papaya, mango, melons and especially pomelo
    will start looking in supermarkets here for all these yummy imports

  2. Wendy Presland-Cox says:

    Hi Jane – When we lived in Malaysia there was a wonderful saying about Durian – “Tastes like heaven, smells like hell”!!!

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