Penang Hill


On our recent trip to Penang we went up the Hill in the funicular. We were amused that our tickets said “domestic child” while the girls were called “foreign adults” – we had presented our identity cards; locals pay far less than tourists. It is a quick, smooth ride up to 800m. The views over the city and the strait from the top is spectacular, particularly on a clearish day. We took a walk and stopped off at several bungalows, which date back to the early 20th century when British colonials escaped the heat by going up to the hill station. We also took a path through the dense jungle, where beautiful butterflies and other insects abound. We ended up at the aging Bellevue Hotel where we enjoyed club sandwiches and lime juice. Then it was back down the hill and into Georgetown where we explored one of the clan jetties and had a delicious meal. Penang didn’t disappoint.

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