The eye of the beholder


Our daughters are with us at the moment and it is wonderful to have them here for all sorts of reasons – to catch up after not seeing them for six months, to have time to chat about things that don’t seem important enough to include in a Skype conversation or an email, and just to be together in the same place for a couple of weeks. It is also great to see where we live afresh through their eyes. They really like the house and approve the juxtaposition of our furniture and other household items with those of the landlord. They have enjoyed the walks we’ve done around Sunway City, the visit to one of the cave temples, the stroll around the alleyways of the old town and the delicious meal we had in a street restaurant in Little India. Their enjoyment of the things that are different about our life in Ipoh from our life in Ohaupo has made me realise again how lucky we are to be having this experience. And this weekend we are off to Penang!

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