Sightseeing in Kuala Lumpur

Instead of going down to Kuala Lumpur and back in a day when Jim has meetings down there, we went down last Sunday, did some exploring and spent the night, ahead of Jim going into the Shah Alam office on Monday morning. KL is a huge, bustling, bewildering city so we decided we’d find a shopping centre, park and then use public transport to get around. We drove into the frenetic Bukit Bintang area and parked in the first underground parking building we came across. On leaving the lift, we found ourselves in a hellish shopping centre, full of tiny shops and kiosks and hundreds of people, with no indication of where the exits were. All the overhead signs said “Shops” or “More shops”! We knew we were on the ground floor but, when we asked someone how to get out to the road, he said we had to go down two more levels. So “ground floor” didn’t mean we were at ground level! I have never been more thankful to leave a building. Things improved rapidly after this. We found a wonderful bakery, which also smelled of the coffee they served, and then got onto the monorail. This is an efficient, cheap way of getting around the centre of KL. From the monorail station, the sight of this beautiful mosque (see pic above) greeted us. It is the India Mosque and was built in late nineteenth century. Since only worshippers are allowed in, it was as well that we also came across St Mary’s Cathedral (see pic below), where evensong had just begun on this Easter Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Sightseeing in Kuala Lumpur

  1. Louise Milne says:

    Note from Colin – Hi to you both. Enjoying the school holiday, spending time with the grand kids as well as a shovel in the gully! Hopefully more windows will be installed soon on the south side of the house and currently mulling over building a carport – probably not achieved during the remaining week! Great to read your updates and hope that Jim’s work is settling down.

  2. Louise Milne says:

    Sadly the Catholics will take a big hit with the recent discovery of infant bodies in the disused septic tank at the nunnery in Ireland – can only hope the information is incorrect!!

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