hot cross buns

Today is Good Friday but Jim is at work and I am at my desk (where I am very pleased to be editing a thesis). Easter is not officially celebrated in Peninsula Malaysia. Christians make up just over 9% of the Malaysian population and the majority live in East Malaysia, where Good Friday is a state holiday (in Sabah and Sarawak). It feels very strange for this to be a ordinary working day and underlines the fact that we are living in a Muslim country. I also feel nostalgic about the Easter holidays as that was when we went on our annual family vacation when I was a child. We usually travelled inland from the coast and had a farm-stay type holiday, which was novel for us who otherwise spent almost all our leisure hours at the beach. We would visit the nearby farm and watch the milking, tramp around the surrounding hills and play long games of football or tennis in the afternoons. It was idyllic, as was our stay last Easter in a bach on the Raglan harbour. I guess you could say I am feeling a bit homesick today!

One thought on “Easter

  1. Louise Milne says:

    Happy Easter Jane and Jim. Thought we were going to be flooded out but as is often the case, the weather warnings came to nothing much and we had a lovely warm and dry visit to Havelock North with the whole family.

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