Perak Tong


Perak Tong is a temple created in some limestone caves just north of Ipoh. It was the life’s work of Chong Sen Yee and his wife, Choong Chan Yoke, and is maintained by their descendants. Chong Sen Yee came to Ipoh from Guangdong province in China to work in the tin industry here. When he saw the possibilities of the limestone topography, he applied for a development permit from the Perak government and spent the next 50 years developing the caves into a temple. The temple spaces are sculpted out of the rock and the walls are decorated with paintings, murals and calligraphy. There are numerous Buddhist and Taoist statues, including a 13-metre high gold Buddha (see pic below). It is a breath-taking place to visit. Then there are the 450 steps that lead you through the temple and up to the top of the limestone cliff (see pic above). There are views over Ipoh from the top and numerous stone benches in shady spots for taking a rest.

Perak tong

2 thoughts on “Perak Tong

  1. Trish says:

    this looks like a fun place to visit

    I googled things to do in ipoh

    12 attractions, 5 activities and over 100 eating places

    how does a day at the spa sound to you?

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