As readers of this blog know, we live in a golf resort. Neither of us has ever played golf nor do we have any aspirations to learn. I can see the green of the 18th hole from our balcony. The other day I observed four golfers painstakingly taking turns to get their four little balls into the little hole. I watched for five or ten minutes as they stood in the searing heat making their many attempts. It seemed like a complete waste of time and energy and I got tired and hot just watching them. However, there must be some compelling element to this game because so many people around the world play it, many of them spending vast sums to do so. I can’t imagine that I would ever be tempted to take it up, especially in a tropical climate but living on a golf course means that our surroundings are very pleasant and for me, the most positive aspect of the game is that it is quiet.

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