In praise of pigs


I love pigs. When we lived in Ohaupo I had a dedicated bucket in which I collected all our food scraps, which I took to the pigs at a nearby farm. They would see me coming down the road and run to the fence in anticipation of a tasty treat. It used to intrigue me that they would sort through the fruit and vege scraps and eat certain things first – the blackened banana skins were always the first to go. They grunted with pleasure while eating and when all the scraps were finished, they’d look up me as if to ask is that all? I wasn’t surprised to learn that according to the Chinese zodiac, I was born in the year of the pig. The pig in the photo is a Kunekune from the Yealands wine estate, where they have introduced these cute, clean and trainable animals to keep down the vegetation between the vines (

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