Mountain ground squirrel


When you stop at the pondoks (shelters) to rest on the way up to Mount Kinabalu you see heaps of these squirrels scavenging nearby. They know that there’s food to be had and are quite tame. We had one pondok to ourselves on our way down and the little guy in the photo took the nut right out of my hand and then sat down next to us to enjoy it. We were soon joined by an enthusiastic climber on his way up – he asked us to take a photo while he held up a bright pink banner with his girlfriend’s name on it. She hadn’t been able to join him on the trip and this was his way of keeping her up to date with his progress. Then we were joined by a couple from the Netherlands, who sat down to eat their packed lunch. We met people from all over the world in our two days at Mount Kinabalu – many Malaysians from KL and other parts of west Malaysia, Singaporeans, Swiss, Japanese, Koreans, Australians. It all added to the wonderful experience.

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