Walking uphill


We’re in training for our tramp up Mount Kinabalu in Sabah (east Malaysia) at the beginning of June. Because that will involve walking uphill for many hours, we’ve been trying to do some walks that involve going up and down stairs. One of these is a route up Ipoh’s highest hill, Bukit Kledang, which has various flights of stairs in various states of disrepair and no handrails anywhere! (The photo is of stairs I regularly went up and down while in Auckland and is about as far from the Kledang conditions as possible). We went up early yesterday morning while it was still dark so that we could test our headlamps and also take advantage of the cooler temperature. I never know which is worse – going up or coming down! Both seemed really hard yesterday and when we got back to the car at 8am, the temperature was already 31 degrees. I’m trying to remain optimistic about my chances of completing the Mount Kinabalu climb.

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