Hello kitty

hello kitty

My Dutch grandmother used to say “nu gaat mij lampje uit” when she was amazed by something. I understood the equivalent English expression to be “now I’ve seen everything”. We would both have been right today – I saw my first Hello Kitty Cafe at the KL shopping centre I visited. I had to go inside not because I wanted anything to eat or drink but just to gawp. It is quite cute with neat little tables and chairs, white china and napkins decorated with the ubiquitous kitty and glass cabinets filled with cakes, iced biscuits and lollies. The overriding colour is of course pink. I guess it might be fun to take a party of small girls there for a treat but other than that I can’t imagine who it is aimed at. Nevertheless the place was packed, not just with little girls but people of all ages all tucking into the overpriced confectionery.

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