Living beside a golf course is much more peaceful than living next to a theme park! The loudest noises I hear are the click of a club connecting with a ball or occasionally a shout of triumph or dismay, depending on how well the game is going. Sometimes a golfer will lose his or her ball among the trees in front of our balcony and I’ve watched them attempting to hit it onto the fairway without connecting a tree trunk. Though this is amusing for me, I imagine it’s very frustrating for the golfer. Many of the people who live around us are retired and are very keen golfers. They go out early in the morning and/or late in the afternoon on an almost daily basis. Some of them even park their buggies in their carports and drive these from home to the course and back. We often get asked if we play. The answer is and will always be “No” but that in no way diminishes our enjoyment of our present accommodation.

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