Walking the golf course


If we get up when we hear the first call to prayer from the nearby mosque, we are early enough to walk (in my case) or run (in Jim’s) around the golf course where we now live. Any later and it’s too hot and also we disturb the golfers who are out honing their skills on the greens. This morning it was still dark when we set off. It was cool and the air was fresh after a good shower of rain. The buggy paths that we follow wind their around the course, through small groves of tall trees and alongside creeks that flow from the hills surrounding the area. Everything is pristine – there is no rubbish lying around and the green keepers are out on their tractors tending to the soft, green grass and raking the bunkers. They bob their heads under their huge straw hats to say “selamat datang”. I was half-way round when it started to rain again. What bliss to finish my walk feeling cool and damp. Jim was wet having jumped into the pool on his way back to the apartment!

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