Road with a view

View from St Mary's Bay

I walked (or sauntered) down Ponsonby Road yesterday. I was reduced to ambling because there was so much to look at – huge old trees getting ready to drop their leaves, intriguing shop windows, people sitting outside cafes drinking coffee, the facades of beautiful buildings, and glimpses of the Auckland city skyline dominated by the Sky Tower. I got to the end of Ponsonby Road and carried on down St Mary’s Road to be greeted by a view similar to that in the photo above. There was the harbour bridge with its eight lanes of busy traffic and the blue harbour shining in the sun. I stopped dead and marvelled. All around me, people on foot, riding bicycles and driving cars went about their business. They are used to the spectacular surroundings but I am not after living in Ipoh for over a year and I intend to make the most of it.

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