Air Terjun Lata Kinjang

lata kinjang

It is really difficult to take a good photograph of a waterfall, which is why I’ve resorted to a commercial image for this post. We took a motorbike ride to this waterfall, about an hour south-east of Ipoh, last weekend. Confusingly for English speakers, ‘air’ means ‘water’ in Malay. As far as I can ascertain, the next two words ‘terjun’ and ‘lata’ both mean ‘waterfall’. It is a spectacular sight, even now when we’ve had very little rain, with torrents of water gushing over rocks, creating rapids and spray. There are also pools one can sit in and we did, fully clothed as is customary in Malaysia. Then we sat in the shade and ate our picnic lunch. There is plenty of shade because of the dense jungle that grows right to the edges of the waterfall. I lay back on a flattish rock and looked up at the canopy. There were hundreds of dragonflies and the occasional brightly coloured butterfly. It felt wonderful to be outside in the middle of the day without expiring from heat. When you visit, we’ll take you there (in the car, of course!)

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