the lakehouse

In a previous posts I have described our day trips to the Cameron Highlands. They’ve been a little disappointing – too much traffic on roads that are not well maintained, horrid towns with hundreds of stalls selling cheap souvenirs, strawberries and other fruit and vegetables grown in ugly plastic tunnels and rubbish lying everywhere. The tea houses on the Boh estates are the exception but they too are very busy and the access roads are hair-raising. But this week we spent a night and a day at the Lakehouse (see pic) and it felt like an oasis in the bustle that is the Cameron Highlands. Terrible but true that to get a relaxing break we needed to find an expensive retreat in a house that was built in colonial times. We enjoyed our well-appointed room and bathroom, a delicious dinner and breakfast and the beautiful grounds. More that all that though we enjoyed the guided walk through the jungle behind the hotel. Our pleasant Malay guide pointed out plants of interest along the way (wild mushrooms, delicate jungle orchids and bright red poisonous berries) and made sure we didn’t walk into the lethally spiky branches that sometimes grow across the path. It was wonderful to stand among the tall trees and dense foliage, listening to the sounds of crickets and frogs and hearing bird song, without the roar of traffic or the smell of garbage. It was a real privilege and one we hope to repeat from time to time.

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