In sight of the sea


We spent last weekend in Penang and this was the view from our hotel room window. While the Strait of Malacca is not the most beautiful body of water (those photos that show it looking a clear turquoise blue must be photoshopped!) it was so good to be within sight and sound of the sea for a couple of days. Waking up during the night and hearing the slap of small waves against the sand was comforting. I grew up on the south east coast of Africa and spent many hours swimming in the warm waves of the Indian Ocean. I loved lying in bed at night listening to the boom of the surf at high tide. Living on the North Island of New Zealand means that you are close to the sea even when you live inland. And it will be obvious from posts on this blog that Raglan, with its beautiful views of the Tasman Sea, is one of our favourite places in the world. I love sitting at Manu Bay with the waves breaking off the point and crashing onto the grey boulders at the shoreline while the setting sun turns the hills into a Colin McCahon painting.

One thought on “In sight of the sea

  1. Trish says:

    know what you mean
    being by the sea feeds my soul, be it calm or wild
    we were lucky enough to have had a few days at Whangapoua, beautiful beach

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