My usual form of exercise when living in Ohaupo was to head out for a walk, often with a bucket of food scraps for the grateful pigs who lived two country blocks away. This was a beautiful scenic walk, just the right distance, with an end point and a purpose. Since living in Ipoh my walking has been severely curtailed by the climate – if you don’t get out before 7am, it is too hot. So I decided to try and find somewhere to swim – getting exercise while keeping cool at any time of the day. Neighbours pointed me in the direction of a new housing complex on the edge of Ipoh that has a recreation club with a lovely pool. I can go as often as I like as a casual visitor for a small fee. I have been going once or twice a week and benefiting from the exercise, which doesn’t make me feel like I’m going to expire from heat exhaustion. We’ve been in KL this week because Jim has meetings down here. We’re staying in the lovely Gardens Hotel and I’ve been swimming in the pool (see pic) every morning. I usually have it to myself and afterwards can lie on one of the loungers, reading till I’ve dried off and am in need of a coffee. How lucky am I?

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