I have never owned a dog and I don’t consider myself a dog lover. I do, however, feel very strongly about the fate of the little dog who lives over the road from us in Lakeside Villas. He lives 24 hours a day, seven days a week in a cage in the carport. The maid wheels the cage around so that he is always in the shade and I presume she also makes sure he has food and water. I have seen her open the door and remove his waste and give him a slap when he tries to nip her. The people who live in the house never pay him any attention and he is certainly never taken out for a walk or to play. I first became aware of this dog because his barking at night woke me up. Now when I hear him barking, I just feel sorry for him. I have discussed this dog’s fate with my neighbours – apparently one of them has already notified the SPCA, which issued a warning to the owners, but nothing changed. There are many dogs in the yards around us. Some of them are taken for daily walks by their owners but more usually by the maids. There is one outstanding example of dog ownership in our street – an elderly rescue dog who is taken for a walk every morning and evening by his owner herself. She waits patiently for him to do as much sniffing as he wants to and then off they go on their slow meander around the pathways of Sunway City.

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