My birthday treat

concert hall

We spent the weekend in Kuala Lumpur and went to the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra’s Brilliant Brothers concert. The impressive concert hall is at the base of the PETRONAS towers. When you walk towards it at night, the lighted towers loom overhead and are a marvellous spectacle. The brothers were Canadian violinists Timothy and Nikki Chooi. They played a duet in the first piece, which was Bach’s concerto for two violins complete with harpsichord. This provided a quiet start to a rousing concert that included Saint-Saens’ violin concerto no. 3 and Bruch’s violin concerto no. 1, with each of the brothers in turn playing the solo part. It ended with Tchaikovsky’s overture to Romeo and Juliet, which uses almost every instrument in the orchestra, including all the drums, the cymbals and a tuba! I loved it. And I enjoyed ambling back across the park to our hotel in balmy late evening air. My first birthday in Malaysia has been great!

2 thoughts on “My birthday treat

  1. Louise Milne says:

    What a wonderful evening. We took the little girls in the family to Coppelia over the weekend danced by the RNZ ballet company and accompanied by the Auckland National orchestra – it is a wonderful ballet and was perfect to take the girls although the five-year-old on my knee and her efforts to mimic the dancers was challenging for both me and for the woman in front of us 😦

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