Size matters


I have never thought of myself as petite, neither do I think of myself as huge, but in Malaysia I am extra-large. All my New Zealand “summer” clothes are unsuitable for Malaysia’s climate. Denim, though 100% cotton, is just too heavy. I have, therefore, been looking for light cotton or linen clothes. At the beginning of this quest, I would go into the changing room with medium or large items, only to scurry out and tell the usually tiny shop assistant that they were too small. I now only look for XL on labels and there are not too many of those available. After such a salutary experience, I am surprised, on catching a glimpse of myself in a mirror, to see that I am my usual size. In my head, I feel that, like Alice, I have grown to an abnormal size! I guess I’ll just forget the whole thing and carry on reading my book.

One thought on “Size matters

  1. Trish says:

    will banish all thoughts of clothes shopping when in Malaysia …
    had a similar Alice experience while trying to shop in HK …
    guess I’ll stick to NZ or US for realistic sizing

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