Sunday morning at Raglan

View of Raglan

View of Raglan

We drove from Ohaupo to Raglan early on Sunday morning, which was calm and clear. As we went over the hill, this is the view that greeted us. Although we’ve done this trip scores of times over the last few years, my heart never fails to lift when I see the blue of the harbour and the sunlight shining on the bar. Jim went into the surf at Manu Bay and I did my customary walk up the hill and into Bryant reserve. I had the lookout, from which you can look back at Manu Bay and out along the main beach, to myself. I sat there for a long time – this may be my last visit for a while! A group of four shags flew by at eye level and then settled on the water just beyond the surfers, who were waiting for the next set of waves. The line “Earth has not anything to show more fair” went through my head, followed closely by “Look thy last on all things lovely”. Clearly I was on the verge of becoming maudlin. I got up and walked briskly back down to Manu Bay, picking up several discarded beer cans and drink bottles on the way – a sure way to banish any sentimental thoughts.

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