Wellington on a beautiful day


It is a Kiwi cliché that there is nothing to beat Wellington on a beautiful day. Like all clichés, it is true. I’ve just spent a weekend in our capital city and on my last day, the clouds and rain retreated, the wind died down and the sunshine turned the sky a bright antipodean blue. The main reason for my visit was the He Tohu exhibition at the National Library. An exquisite rimu walk-in treasure box encases three of the most important New Zealand constitutional documents – the Declaration of Independence of the United Tribes of New Zealand, the Treaty of Waitangi and the Women’s Suffrage Petition. Apart from the spine-tingling experience of seeing the actual documents, there is an excellent interactive exhibition where one can find out more about each document and the people who signed them. I highly recommend it. I also caught up with two dear Wellingtonian friends who played tour guides and took me to some of their favourite places. Go to Wellington – you won’t regret it, especially if the sun is shining!

Wellington WOW


Last week I went to the Wearable Arts show in Wellington for the first time. It is a visual feast – models display the amazing costumes accompanied by dancers, acrobats, lights, props and music. There is so much going on on the stage that one sometimes wishes for an “action replay” button. The appropriate response really is “Wow!” Thanks so much to my friend for organising the trip to Wellington and her friends for hosting us in their lovely home. They also ensured we had such fine weather that Wellington was at its best! We wandered along the waterfront and sat for a time watching the lunchtime crowd go by. We enjoyed the art and china collections at Te Papa and relaxed in the cafe. I had time to meander up and down Cuba Street, popping into my favourite stores along the way. Flying back to Auckland I had a window seat. It was clear enough to view the Marlborough Sounds and glimpse the snowy peaks of the Southern Alps. Wonderful New Zealand memories now that I am back in the heat and haze of tropical Ipoh.